Challenges and future opportunity of  E-commerce in Nepal

Challenges and future opportunity of E-commerce in Nepal

Challenges and future opportunity of  E-commerce in Nepal

E-commerce in Nepal

E-commerce has been an easy industry to enter since decade, but till now the challenges are still same.  In e-commerce industry due to low investment  and easy access the trend of the industry is highly taking pace. The actual population of Nepal is 3 crore whereas it has small market and also the users are also not much because of not knowing its benefits, its importance and also its knowledge.

Most of the e-commerce companies in Nepal has not been able to generate the revenue because of the challenges they face and that lead them to sustain in this competitive market. Due to various  problem like lack of knowledge  how e-commerce industry actually work, and also due to lack of knowledge about the payment gateway system, and also the awareness regarding the e-commerce industry.


Not only that the e-commerce industry also has to play a part to make aware to the consumers about the e-commerce and its trend in Nepal.  They also have to think how they can build the trust of the customers and make them easy of their livelihood.


Major issue :-

Ø Lots of competitions and less markets.

Ø Lack of knowledge of e-commerce industry.

Ø Lack of professionalism

Ø Lack of innovation and copying nature.

Ø Logistic problem and its proper management.

Ø Low internet reach, lack of proper digital payment.

Ø Trust issues and not focusing customers for long term.

Ø Not understanding consumer behavior and their trend of pattern.

Ø Not having varieties of products and cost issues.

Ø Not proper policy in Nepal.


As e-commerce industry have been facing various major issues in their business and now by the latest news flash out that E-commerce giant Alibaba will enter in the Nepalese market. E-commerce giants are entering in Nepal and the trend may increase rapidly in near future. It has been threat to these e-commerce companies who have been operating since year and people have started to predict that low capital e-commerce company will definitely collapse and if they don’t make themselves upgrade and understand the gap between the consumers and their pattern of business then they will definitely be in dark side of the business.  


Future of e-commerce in Nepal

Experts or concerned authority should also make strong policy regarding the e-commerce in Nepal. They also must develop the well function online gateway system in Nepal. Government also focus on developing and tracking the e-commerce business and the way they are operating and also support them through various of policy, guidance , payment system, and help in understanding and being selective while opening the company in this industry to make aware of the market and control the market of the e-commerce industry.


Trends of e-commerce industry are increasing , many e-commerce companies are also doing well because of their understanding of the industry. There are many things to do in this industry and people are also now being aware about it. They are now slowly believing and trusting this e-commerce industry. So, if the major issues are solved, target the market with proper understanding of consumers what they want and what they expect,  new innovative and easy access system and also understand the model and have concrete plans, have consistency and also achieve milestones accordingly  then definitely this industry will definitely have bright future.